Southern Belle(s) in the Making 

Yesterday I tried to get the one year old to try grits.  I even went as far as telling her if she was going to be a Southern Belle she needed to learn to like them.  This was before I was making plans to show the 7 year old Gone With The Wind.  The 2 year old better watch out I’ll be planning something real soon for him.  


First Birthday

Yesterday was the baby’s First Birthday.  It’s hard to believe she is one already.  It seems like just yesterday I was taking her big sister to the hospital so she could see her for the first time.  The little baby has be wrapped around her little finger.  So does her brother and sister.  Next big milestone, her first trip to Disney World!

It’s Official

Our Disney Vacation is booked!  Payments have been made with more to come.  The two year old has chosen his magic band.  I am less than a month away from being able to book dinning.  I can’t wait!  And still the seven year old has no clue we are going.  This is going to be a hard secret to keep.

Disney Surprise

The other day I asked the seven year old if she could do anything this year what would it be.  Of course she told me to go to Disney World. Of course I was ecstatic to hear her saw that!  We are already planning our October trip, but her mommy is not telling her till we leave.  So I did not let on, I suggested that the babies were probably too young.  She bought it hook, line, and sinker.  You said year we should probably wait till little miss E is 4, she will be a year and a half.  I cannot wait to see her face when we tell her we are going to Disney World.  October can not get her fast enough for me. 

Game Night Southern Belle Auntie Style 

Next weekend we are going to have a weekend getaway to one of the state parks. The three younger kids are going too. So like any auntie would do, I have been stocking up on games to take to play with the seven year old. Of course most of them have a theme to them. I have Disney Headbanz, Disney Beat the Parents, Sofia the First Uno Cards, Yahtzee (but I bought Mickey Mouse dice to use instead of the regular dice), and Family Edition Trivial Pursuit. I can’t wait! Bring on the fun!